1. Handcrafted shutters are all the trend in today’s designer window covering market. Almost all major designers prefer to work with household items that are handcrafted, and which are produced from small, select shops. As always, exclusivity is much sought after in design. In the past there were nothing but small shops which produced window coverings, and there tended to be one for each neighborhood in the city, or in each little town, but as the process for creating window coverings became better, the factories started to mass produce the window covering, resulting in the closure of most small shops. As the designer tendencies started to switch towards vintage, a number of small shops started to spring up which specialized in handmade window coverings of all kinds. Shutters are especially common when it comes to handmade window coverings because they are made primarily form wood, which is a material that craftsmen are already accustomed to working with. The small window coverings shops do not usually sell their own window coverings, but instead they sell them through large online sites such as,, and others. The fact that the small, handcrafted shops are not part of the sales area of window coverings means that they have all their time to devote to their art. The only drawback with the smaller shops is that they don’t produce very many window coverings, which means demand is high and supply is thin, and of course, the price is substantial.
  2. Shutters made form glass are on the rise. Glass shutters may seem like a very strange concept, and indeed they are not very practical in many ways. Glass shutters can break easily, so they are only meant for indoor use, and they are also expensive, as glass is one of the materials that is most costly to ship. The reason glass shutters have become such a hit is because people love the idea of being able to change the light in their homes. Window shutters made from stained glass can lend an amazing new look to almost any room, and there are even stained glass window shutters which are a mixture of many different colors. Glass window curtains are almost never sold in stores, so people that are interested in seeing what different types are offered will need to look for them online at specialty websites.
  3. Hunter Douglas shutters are always amongst the most popular shutters sold anywhere. Each year Hunter Douglas releases a new line of shutters which are instantly on back order in top window covering sellers all across the nation. Hunter Douglas shutters are popular for three big reasons. To start out with, Hunter Douglas shutters come with a two year warranty, so people feel very confident buying them. Secondly, Hunter Douglas shutters are known for their amazingly high level of quality, as are all Hunter Douglas products. Finally, the Hunter Douglas Shutters come with free instillation, which means that homeowners have a lot less to worry about when they get window coverings.