Top 5 meals served at memory care assisted living facilities

senior assisted living

Nutrition is on of the most important aspects of health no matter what a person’s age. In fact, many different types of foods serve many different types of purposes. Certain foods are meant to increase energy, some are meant to detoxify the body and some are eaten to increase brain function and memory. At memory care assisted living facilities, the food served to residents is of utmost importance. Many of these residents are no longer able to function and live by themselves without help. That means they cannot cook their own meals, and if they could, they likely wouldn’t do so with the proper nutrition in mind. For this reason, senior assisted living facilities take it upon themselves to provide these meals for residents.

  1. Soup- Soup is a very popular dish with elderly or memory impaired people because it is easy to eat and can provide so many different kinds of vegetables and nutrients in one bite like cabbage, beans, tomatoes, carrots, peppers and more. It also only takes one spoon and one bowl to eat, making it an easy choice for residents who need a little more help with their day to day tasks.
  2. Roasted chicken, rice and green beans- Rice is a filling starch that is a good base for other types of food. It provides healthy carbohydrates and has an extremely mild flavor that is easy to eat. Roasted chicken is a soft, tender preparation of chicken that is easy to chew for residents who may have dentures or missing teeth. Green beans are another healthy, soft, easy to eat option to help residents get the proper nutrients.
  3. Beef stew- Beef stew is a hearty dish that is thought of to many as a comfort food. The beef gets fork tender after simmering for so long and the potatoes, carrots, peas and other vegetables in the soup are easy to chew as well. Also, much like soup, stew requires only and bowl and spoon, making it an easy task to eat.
  4. Alfredo pasta- Another comfort food, cheesy, creamy tender pasta is a favorite among residents at senior living facilities because it is filling and delicious. It is reminiscent of macaroni and cheese, a favorite that will be nostalgic and remind residents of their childhoods.
  5. Chicken fried steak and mashed potatoes- A classic favorite, chicken fried steak is a nostalgic food for many residents. It gives a similar taste to fried chicken but is much easier to eat and requires less work to eat around or remove bones. Mashed potatoes are a perfect side dish, especially covered in rich gravy. They are easy to eat and delicious too. It’s also a filling side so it helps to make sure residents are staying full and happy.

Meals at these types of facilities need to provide comfort, nutrition and sometimes even nostalgia. This makes the act of eating enjoyable and will help make sure that elderly residents are eating at a set schedule and getting the nutrients they need to stay healthy and productive.