Top reasons to buy an Extendobed

Extendobed has been in the truck organizer business longer than any other manufacturer of pickup truck bed extenders and slides. They started their business back in 1987 and hold the original patent on truck bed slides. If you are in the market for a new pickup truck bed extender, you know that there can be a wide range of options and prices to look at. If ca be tempting to purchase something made out of cheaper materials because of the price tag, but if you want to have a truck bed extender that will last you the life of your truck – and probably even longer than that – then you should look into purchasing an Extendobed.

Here are the top 10 reasons why your search for a new truck bed slide should start and end with Extendobed:

Pioneer Ingenuity. The experts at Extendobed love their trucks. That is why they created the very first telescoping truck bed slide way back in 1987. They are the patent holders of that design, so every other truck bed slide is just an imitation of the real thing.

Unbelievable Extension. Some pickup truck bed extenders are only able to extend out 75% past the edge of the truck before they have to stop or they will become unsteady.  Extendobed slides are able to extend out 100%, which means that you will get the maximum amount of table space when it is extended and the maximum amount of storage space when it is put away.

Heavy Duty Assembly. Their extenders are made from 100% steel frame material, and the roller bearings that are used are intended for high capacity.

Incredible capacity. Each of the truck bed extenders are built to hold from 1000 to 3000 pound load limits for maximum towing capacity.

Unique Custom Design. Extenders can be custom built in order to make sure that they will be able to meet all of your storage needs. They can also be built to custom dimensions to make sure that they fit your truck.

Industrial Durability. These extenders and slides are such high quality that the first one that was made in 1987 is still in use today, 27 years later.

Time saving ability.  These sliders are so easy to use that they will save you time because you will immediately be able to find the items you need and can load and unload the back of your pickup truck with ease.

You will be amazed with the organization capability. Stop wasting time digging around the back of your truck looking for things. The smart storage system makes it easy to keep things where you left them. No more sliding around and getting lost in the back of the truck while you are driving around town!

An Intelligent investment.  Because these items are long lasting, they make excellent investments. Get something that will be with you for the long haul.

A Simple transferability. If your pickup truck bed extender ends up outlasting the life of your truck, they are super easy to transfer to a new vehicle.