As with any area of service, eye care has its unique trends which change from time to time, and people who haven’t been to the optometrist in a while might not know about what is going on in the eye care industry today. Using information from major eye care providers such as,, we are going to list some of the current tendencies in vision care today. Our hope is that people, who have not been to the optometrist for some time, will finally go in and get the regular checkups they are supposed to have. People visiting a eye care clinic for the first time in years might find that there is some cool stuff happening in eye care right now.

When contact lenses hit the market thirty years ago, it was predicted that they would ultimately replace traditional eye glasses altogether, but as anyone in the fashion industry knows, popular styles eventually make their return. Indeed, eye glasses are making a serious comeback in this country. More people than ever who previously used only contact lenses have started making the switch to eye glasses again. Glasses are extremely popular right now, as the hipster style has become the leading fashion choice of young people in the country. Young people are so into glasses that for the first time in history, people who don’t even need corrective glasses to see have started wearing glasses. The glasses industry has been ramping up production of stylish lenses that are being sold to young people as the hottest fashion item on the market today. Large clothing designers who have not previously been involved with the designing of glasses, have now started teaming up with glasses makers to create fashionable new lines of glasses. Last year, there were more glasses sold in this country than on the previous five years combined, and that probably has a lot more to do with style than with people getting glasses who need them to see properly. If you have been in need of glasses for a while now, you will be happy to find that your optometrist has a huge new line of different styles for you to pick from.

Another trend in eye care is the express eye check. There are hundreds of optometry clinics today that offer a full eye exam in just twenty minutes. The idea behind the express eye exam was to get people in to see their eye doctors who had been putting the checkup off. Express eye exams make it so easy for anyone to get an eye exam that people no longer have an excuse for putting the task off. Doctors in the vision care field have pointed out that as more people get their eyes checked out on a regular basis, there will be far less people that suffer serious eye problems that go untreated. Most of the health issues surrounding people’s eyes are very easy to treat, provided that optometrists are able to catch and treat the issue early on.