Understanding the differences between dentistry and ortodoncia.

http://www.misonrisa.mx/Most people can agree that going to the dentist is not what they would call a fun time. There’s just something about someone poking around in your mouth, the potential for needles and drills, and the idea that you’ll be told that there’s something wrong with your teeth that just seems to turn people off to the idea. Even though most people go to the dentist each year without having any issues, they still end up with this irrational fear right before they’re about to go. So, as you can see, most people would tend to agree that going to the dentist isn’t any fun at all.

What most people wouldn’t agree on is what a dentist actually is. There is actually a large percentage of people that aren’t totally sure what the differences between dentistry and ortodoncia are. They assume that since both professions involve sticking your hands into a strangers mouth to see if anything is wrong that they must be virtually the same thing. In reality, there are actually some pretty stark differences between the two professions. Let’s cover them here once and for all so that there isn’t any confusion going forward.

Let’s start with a dentist. A dentist is a person who has gone through dental school and earned the requisite dental certifications to practice in the state of their choosing. They are people who work with patients to determine if they have any issues going on with their teeth. They are fully capable of pulling teeth, putting dental implants in, putting in dental veneers, adding a crown to a tooth, filling a cavity, apply Novocaine, cleaning teeth, diagnosing a wide range of oral health issues, and related things. What they aren’t not able to do, unless they receive the right certifications, is help someone straighten their teeth through the use of braces or invisible Invisalign.

That’s a perfect segue into what orthodontists do, which is precisely those things that dentists cannot. Orthodontists are essentially a specialty doctor, and their specialty is helping people with teeth that aren’t straight or jaws that aren’t in the right location. In essence, they use Invisalign and braces to straighten the teeth of their patient. How bad a patient’s teeth are will determine how long they have to wear either of those two solutions. In addition to helping people straighten their teeth, they can also help patients with issues of the jaw, such as under bite and over bit problems. By using head gear, rubber bands, and other devices, they are able to help a patient’s jaw move into the location that it should be in to prevent dental problems down the road.

As you can see, there are very clear differences between what dentists and what orthodontists do. If you need your teeth straighten you go to an orthodontist like Dr. Roberto Carrillo at Mi Sonrisa, and if you need anything else you go to a dentist. Hopefully this has cleared things up for you if you were having any issues.