What to Ask Yourself in Choosing an Office Space

When choosing an office space, what are the things you take into consideration? Do you assess the current situation of your business; do you take note of the opinions of your employees? Well in reality there is so much to think about when making such a decision and this can sometimes make it confusing. Office leases can go for a period of between three to five years, but before you sign that dotted line on that paper, there are a number of questions that you should ask yourself. These questions will help you make a decision and will also reassure whether or not you have chosen the best office for your business.

shared office space

glass office space

First assess yourself, is this office space easy to reach? This will take into consideration both your employees and clients. A nearby office will allow your employees to reach the office earlier and also make it convenient for your clients. If your office is in an area that is far and also a hassle to get to, your employees will be arriving tired which will affect their productivity and in turn, badly affect your business. It would be advisable to ask your employees what they think about moving and whether or not the new location would be preferable. Once you do make the decision to move to that location, make sure you don’t forget to inform your clients so that they won’t visit the old space only to find your business to have moved.

Now are there hidden costs that you aren’t considering? It is important that you properly calculate the total costs of moving into the new office space. Take note of the rent, the light and water, the costs of moving your property there, and other costs that you may be overlooking. To make it easier and to make sure you are getting a proper idea of the total cost, it would be best to bring in a professional broker. Having some help from a professional will help reveal those hidden costs which can catch you off guard when paying for the entire move.

It is also good to think about the situation of the parking in the area. Take note of the parking space that is available for use. See to it if there are any costs for parking in the area and think how this can affect your employees and customers. If ever the parking space in the area is small and tight, look for a nearby and convenient place where you can have your employee park.

Make sure that both of your clients and employees find convenience in parking. You can also try negotiating special rates if ever the place charges for parking. Have a deal where you can get a discount on parking by paying for all your employees ahead of time so that they won’t go through the hassle of preparing change themselves. You may even try making use of special customer parking tickets for your clients so that they can easily get a parking spot.