People can now take adult swimming lessons online. There are a ton of people out there today that have been wanting to take swimming lessons for since forever, but which have not been able to do so because they are too pressed for time. Now, thanks to a bunch of brand new companies that have started offering swimming classes online, anyone, no matter how busy they may be, can find the time to take swimming classes. On sites such as, www.fourstrokescoaching.com, people can pick between a live class with a teacher, or if they just want to use the vast archives of videos that demonstrate all different kinds of swimming strokes. For many adults that live in areas which are not surrounded by water, or where access to public pools is limited, internet swimming classes may be the only way that they can practice swimming. More than ever, people of all ages are beginning to place more attention on the importance of knowing how to swim. In a social report made by the University of Chicago, it was found that people who knew how to swim were more likely to live in better neighborhoods, have more successful interpersonal relationships, and even to have a lower body fat percentage. Online swimming lessons have become the way in which people from a more diverse walk of life can finally get in the groove of swimming.

Another popular trend that is taking place in adult swimming classes these days are what people are calling “social swimming”. Social swimming is a kind of swim class in which people work on all the regular aspects of swimming with a professor, the only difference is that after the first hour, the social swim begins, as people mingle with one and another in a whole new kind of social environment. Adult swimming lessons have always been a popular place for adults to meet new people, but in recent years the trend has been more and more about the social part, and less about the swimming part. In some of New York’s top health spas, social swimming classes include floating bars, Sports games broadcast from Gym TVs, and even competitions between the class attendants to see who has the best bathing suit. The word is out that adult swim classes are the best way right now to make friends, or to date people. For people that really only want to swim and get some exercise, the social swimming classes are best left to people that see water as a potential party environment.

Lastly, water yoga is at an all time popularity high. Yoga has long been in style in this country as the exercises for the more affluent people. Along the way, as yoga has grown in popularity, there have a number of strange fads which appeared in the yoga world. There was hanging yoga, freezer yoga, and last year the trend of mud yoga even erupted. Now, the water yoga era has begun. According to yoga experts, doing yoga in the water helps burn more calories, and it has less impact on the body than traditional yoga. If water yoga is just a passing trend, or the next big thing, only time will tell.