When You Are Considering Custom Labeling, You Will Want to Contact Canna Containers

Canna Containers offers you the highest quality branding and customization on your compliant vials. As of January 1st, 2014, all dispensaries including medical and retail must provide compliant packaging for any cannabis product sold. This packaging must be child-proof which means that a five-year-old and younger would have trouble opening the container. The product must also be colored so as not to be able to see what is inside. It must be resealable for multi-use products. Logos are okay as long as they don’t target people that are under 21. All products must be properly labeled. Dispensary logos are allowed as long as the image or text content doesn’t impede the readability of the mandatory product label.Canna Containers With all of these rules and regulations, it’s nice to have a company that you can order your containers and vials from that you can customize for your company. This will be a great product for people to see and it will help them to have confidence in your company. With your logo and the compliant containers, your customers will feel very good about getting their products from you. You can place your order online very easily and have your products on the way to you very quickly.

If you are interested in working for them, they are growing very quickly and they are looking for those who are energetic and go getters to help them grow their company. This could be a good opportunity for someone who is looking for a company that is the first company to do something like this. They have started a business that supplies packaging for cannabis products and are the first of their kind to do something like this. You could be working with a very innovative company that will let you be part of the action. They are always looking for good workers and salesman. They are ready to take you under their wing and let you be part of their company. They are ready to have the workforce that is also excited about a company that creates and customizes individual packaging and labeling for cannabis containers. With the enthusiasm that they have for what they are doing, they will be a very successful company and the first of its kind. You can be part of this if you are ready to be part of this great company. You will be with people who think like you do and who are ready to climb the latter of marketing their products.

Those who use medical marijuana would be ordering medical marijuana vials from the stores that look the most authentic with the right quantity written on the label. They will feel safe using these products from your store with an authentic labeling with containers that are compliant with the marijuana laws. With the great labeling on great containers, you will have a winning combination that will give people with medical conditions who are taking medical marijuana, a very good feeling when they order you products.