Where does a brand new fire truck apparatus come from?

The details that can go into building a brand new fire apparatus are endless.  Many people don’t realize that there are specialized companies that provide these vehicles because they are so important to communities.  Vehicles like police cruisers, fire rescuers, pumpers, tenders, ambulances, utility trucks, and command rigs are all specialized, or, “made to order,” if you will.  Because these rigs are so important in saving lives, they need to be reliable and functional.  Fire fighters should never have to worry about an engine running slow when there is a serious situation at hand.  These trucks need to be in top condition at all times.

There is a reason that little boys are so obsessed with fire trucks and police cars and the like.  They really are vehicles that are unlike anything else.  They are loud, shiny, and large ambulance manufacturerbecause they need to be, and for this reason there are millions of fire truck enthusiasts that just love to watch them in action.  They are powerful and always in line to handle whatever the task, no matter how big or small.  Fire truck manufacturers realize these details and ensure that each model that they produce can do the job.  In order to do that, many large companies only make custom rigs.  That means that the customers have a great deal of say into how the final product comes out.  They can design storage, utilities, size, structure type, material, and aesthetic features.  Because a custom fire apparatus is built to last a lifetime, and it not exactly inexpensive, they need to be made with the customers in mind.  It would make no sense to produce mass quantities of the same kind of truck for several different fire departments when they all want something different.  Each department has a unique staff and unique tasks that are specific to their community.  For that reason, each fire apparatus should be made to specifically handle those tasks and meet the needs of that staff.

Now the next time you a see a fire engine racing off to do its job, you know that they are even more designed for their purpose than many think.  Each engine is specialized to meet every need of the department.  Some are even furnished with special K-9 seating and storage for the dog’s supplies.  Just by looking at the engine itself you can probably tell a lot about the kind of department that owns that engine.  Certain tools, gauges, and storage compartments will hold everything the crew needs.  And all of these things are uniquely designed by the fire truck manufacturer.  These companies do the same for ambulance crews who serve specific communities or police cars that need to have certain features for a climate or geography.  The features are endless when the right company performs the tasks.  These servicers usually also provide refurbished trucks and cars that are just as grand as the newly designed ones.  If the refurbished rig is only a few years old it will have all the bells and whistles, so to speak, that the new ones do.