Why is a controlled temperature so helpful in a self storage rental unit?

Depending on where you live in the country, certain extreme temperatures can be more of a nuisance.  If you are seeking a self storage unit to protect some of your items during a move or other life change, finding a temperature controlled unit might be pretty important.  Some things that you put in storage are pretty durable and won’t require controlled temperatures, but there are others like some furniture, photographs, or clothes that you will want to keep free from mold, moisture, heat, or even cold.

Constant changes in temperature and humidity can cause a great deal of damage to fabrics, wooden furniture, and paper or paper-like items.  Wood can warp and flake and will never be the same after a certain amount of damage.  Fabrics and other furniture can become mildewed and full of odor.  These are things that you definitely don’t want to happen while you are using a self storage unit, which is why a temperature controlled unit or entire facility can be worth it.  Climate controlled units are created through the use of heating, air conditioning, and dehumidifying systems that kick on and off as the weather changes.  With these systems in place you can be sure that nothing in your unit will become damaged over time, even if you plan on storing them for years.  Also, when you storage unit rentaluse an entire facility that is temperature controlled you can be shielded from the elements while you are doing your packing and moving.  The process of moving things into a rented storage unit can take a lot of time and organization, so you don’t want to be rushed by a snow storm or a heat wave.  Many of these facilities also offer drive-up units to make moving in and out the heavier items much easier.  Who wants to be carrying a couch up stairs to get into a storage unit?  Definitely not you.

In addition to the option of a temperature controlled environment for your things, there are also a lot of helpful tips that can make your move into a storage unit easy and stress-free.  Firstly, know how to pack and store things might not seem like a big deal but when done the right way, it can make moving and storage a breeze.  Larger items like beds, dining tables, lawn equipment, or coffee tables should be partially or completely disassembled so that moving them will be easier.  When you begin to stack these items in your storage unit it is a good idea to put the heavier pieces on the bottom and to leave an isle for walking in between piles.  This will make things easier for you later if you come back in to look for something but you don’t want to tear apart the whole unit to find it.  That being said, if you know that there are some things in storage that you will need access to more frequently than others, make sure they are stored near the door and on the tops of any piles you have formed.  For the more delicate items that you might be worried about, store them inside larger boxes that are sturdy and won’t fall in.  This serves the dual purpose of keeping expensive items hidden so that in the unlikely event that your storage unit is broken into, it won’t seem like there is anything of incredible value sticking out.