You Will Want The Company of ACCU, Inc. To Be Your Community Management Company

When you drive into a neighborhood, you automatically form an opinion. If you see that all of the lawns are nicely manicured and the homes are all taken care of with proper repairs and landscaping, you will think what a nice neighborhood it really is. Then as you drive around this neighborhood, you may see a home with junk in the driveway and maybe an old car parked out on the street in front of their home. This will immediately ruin the look of the neighborhood and it will make you wonder why something hasn’t been done to force the homeowner to clean up his yard and remove the old car. This is where a good property management company can come into play. A company like ACCU, Inc. can be a great property management company for any home owner’s association. They will work with the HOA to get organized and set things up. HOA ManagementThey can help set up the CC&R’s and they can take over the things that you and the other HOA management team thinks will be the best for them to take over. They will be able to help you in managing the neighborhood in the best way possible.

If you are wondering how to take care of certain situations within the neighborhood, you will love having this property management company working with you. They can set up meetings for the HOA and they will be in attendance. They can take the minutes and keep track of everything that is decided upon and they can keep the records for future reference. Once you start working with them you will understand the importance of having them around. They are very valuable and can keep track of all fees paid and those that are still owing. They can send out the billings and send past due reminders as needed. The company that is hired to maintain the common areas can be paid through the property management company. A good property manager can be very valuable to the community. Problems are always going to come up in any neighborhood. If there is still new construction going on, there can be concerns that come up. A lumber truck could back into a neighborhood light post and knock it over. This is a problem for the property management team to take care of. They will get in touch the company responsible for the accident and send them a bill.

Those who are in a newer community that is still growing, will want to make sure that things are set up properly and they will want to make sure that HOA association management is getting everything in place. The CC&R’s will need to be established and the officers of the HOA will need to be elected. If everyone works together to establish this new community properly, the community will be in good hands. A community that is set up properly will run smoothly instead of having problems that are not being solved.